Holy Trinity Bible reading for youth 

If you already read the Bible by yourself, then please do keep doing that. These notes are meant as a starter for if you want to be reading the Bible for yourself but do not know how or as an add-on if you already read the Bible but want to read what others are reading to be able to feel more connected and discuss with them. We intend to produce these every week, with the aim of them taking 10-15 minutes as a minimum.

Week 6 - CLICK HERE! We look at some of the signs from John's gospel to see who Jesus claimed to be, if these claims were true and what that means for us. 
Week 5 - CLICK HERE! We finish off looking at Nehemiah with an up and down ending. We then think about praying - how amazing it is and what can encourage us to pray even though we find it incredibly tough to do so. 
Week 4 - CLICK HERE! We continue in Nehemiah with a series of passages that will challenge us but also inspire us to look to God and see what he has done for us.
Week 3 - CLICK HERE! We finish Philippians and start to look at Nehemiah (we will be doing this in the morning services coming up), seeing the importance of unity and working together for God's purposes despite opposition.
Week 2 - CLICK HERE! We work through Philippians, a book that will help us to live for Jesus as we face suffering.
Week 1 - CLICK HERE! We think through how the Bible speaks into the emotions we may be feeling.