About the Group:

We started as a 20's to 30's group as there was a bit of gap and a few of us at this stage of our lives.  We've now grown flexible on this as were all getting on a bit!!  Obviously its an exciting time in your life, whether that be finishing uni/college, getting married, finding a first home, starting a career so we all faced similar challenges and also a Love of Christ. 

So we meet as a group of friends to study God's words in a Bible study, this usually lasts around 45 minutes and we finish by encouraging each other and having an open prayer session for whatever the group or an individual wants to pray for.  It was always our intention as a group to move the words of Christ into action so we plan social action events from time to time - for example we once helped @ Birmingham City Mission wrapping Christmas presents and as a group we help on the Church cleaning rota and collecting Christian Aid leaflets - like a lot of things they can be fun when there are a few of you.


Friends have come and gone but we are now have around 8 regulars but at times have swelled to 13 so new members are most welcome.


We meet once a fortnight in each other's homes.


We meet at 7pm if we are eating together that night before Bible study or 8pm if we are just having a Bible study.

Getting Involved:

As already stated we are always open to new members and don't let the age thing put you off!  This group is led by Tim & Emily Hancock (the fine people in the picture below) and if you want to get involved then send a quick email to or let us know on our facebook page: